S Homecoming

Welcome Home MB9!

Seriously adorable family who was so excited to have daddy come home! The children’s faces sure say it all!




Umbaugh Homecoming

After very many delays this family is FINALLY together again and I know they couldn’t be happier. Brittany’s husband actually ended up leaping over chairs to get to his family because of how packed the Special Events Center was that day!




here’s one of Brittany’s friend reuniting with her husband 🙂Image


Temperle Homecoming

I have been anxiously waiting for November and December, not only for the upcoming holidays, but because I am booked almost solid with military homecoming ceremonies. They are something that I just LOVE to photograph. Here are some from my most recent homecoming. I hope that you enjoy them all.


Welcome HOME!


Pienik Family

So I have been gone on vacation, but I am finally putting some pictures up from this SUPER FUN family fall shoot. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I think you will get to see many of the reasons why with all the beautiful rich colors in this shoot.