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I have always been interested in photography and art while growing up, but then after my husband and I added and precious little addition to our family, I had the camera attached to my hands to capture every little moment. Photography quickly grew into a passion of mine as I wanted to be able to remember every little smile or new development that my son was learning. When my husband deployed to Iraq those little moments became so much more important to me since so much changes during a year in the life of a baby. I found myself taking pictures of every single moment, not just featuring our son but everything that we did while my husband was away. I soon had family, friends, and the love and support from my husband urging me to start up photography and it has just taken off from there.

I love being able to capture all those special moments for my clients. I couldn’t be happier with a session than when I hear that my clients have loved their photo shoot and that in their pictures I have shown their personality. I want to create for all my clients a little piece of history that captures their memories to last a lifetime.

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