Owen Homecoming

Welcome Home MB6!

This beautiful couple is finally together and the emotions were so strong and so special! I was so happy to be there on this amazing day!




C Homecoming

Here is another wonderful homecoming where Tara’s husband was getting to meet their one month old for the first time. I can not tell you how much anticipation is built up during a homecoming; it truly is something you have to be there to really feel and experience.

I hope you enjoy!


LOOK at that head full of hair! What a handsome little man!





UPDATE: A local News station ran one of the images from this homecoming on their facebook page 🙂


Chase Homecoming

I have been anxiously waiting for this homecoming! Victoria is a lovely friend of mine and while her husband was deployed she had their second handsome little guy. Daddy was getting to meet their one month old for the first time!  Their oldest was so excited for daddy to come home which I know you will be able to see the anticipation written all over his face. I was so happy to be a part of their special day, so thank you Chase family!



haha I had to put this one up! Image



Temperle Homecoming

I have been anxiously waiting for November and December, not only for the upcoming holidays, but because I am booked almost solid with military homecoming ceremonies. They are something that I just LOVE to photograph. Here are some from my most recent homecoming. I hope that you enjoy them all.


Welcome HOME!