Waldo Canyon Wildfire

Our family was up in the Cascade and Woodland Park area today early this afternoon. We drove by families packing up the car with their precious belongings and watering their houses and roofs in preparation for evacuation. It made it really real to me to see those families preparing for evacuation and to look at the other side of 24 to see the massive flames on the top of the hill. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who’s homes are in the path of the wildfire. It has grown over the past couple hours and I pray that no one loses their home. At this moment it is at 2500 acres, when we were up in Cascade it was only 100 acres, so as you go to sleep tonight think about those firefighters on the ground and in the air trying to fight this wildfire, pray for their safety and pray that the fire can start to become contained.



Thank you for reading,



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