Homecomings hold a special place in my heart; partly because I know how it feels to wait for your husband who is in a war-torn country for a year or more and how blessed I felt the day of our homecoming to finally know I was going to have him in my arms at last and that our son who was six months old when he left was finally going to make memories with his daddy finally home to us. I remember trying to ignore reports of servicemen and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and be a strong mother and wife for your husband and yourself at the same time. I love to capture that moment when a wife runs to her husband, arms wide open, and you see that raw emotion of utter satisfaction and love and peace to just know he is home, home to her, home to their children, and safe…to finally know that they are safe and in your arms is an indescribable feeling after a long deployment. I love nothing more than to see boys and girls run to their daddy’s and know they are home to them to finally be a family and make life-long memories with their fathers. I love homecomings and to see the true emotion behind what those men and women are truly fighting for…their loved ones back home who love them and wait for them. I leave a homecoming feeling truly blessed to have been part of that day for those people and to capture those oh-so-very precious moments as their lives become whole again.

Here are some photographs from some Homecoming sessions I was blessed to be a part of this past year, and I am am looking forward to many in the future as well!



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